Moly_X 13 on Moleskinerie.com

Samantha got our group featured on the Moleskinerie.com weblog!
Check it out [here].
Thank you Samantha & Moleskinerie!


Samantha's Moly arrived in The Netherlands!!!!

OMG! I received Samantha's Moleskine this afternoon! I can't believe it got here so quickly!!!

IT"S AMAZING! The drawings are even better in person - just amazing. Hooray!!! I am so exited! Oh and I was totally exited with the San Francisco postcard! SF is my favorite city! (I met my boyfriend while at UC Berkeley)


Zaza's entry Finished

I just mailed my Moleskine off to Anna Denise this afternoon—
can't wait to see what will be done with it!

I would love it if everyone could write their names, the materials used and the date you finished your entry on the back of your piece. Thanks :)


Finished: Anna Denise's entry!

Hello girls!

I finished my entry into my Moly today!

I have decided not to give this book a theme, I'm interested to see what you come up with in response to my drawing! One request: Please leave your name and the date you finished your entry in my book, somewhere near your entry!

Perhaps Emma can send me her address so I can send it to her as soon as possible and get this thing going!

Love, Anna


Moly-x-13. Work in progress

Moly-x-13. Work in progress, originalmente cargada por 7fetiches7.

Por fn!
Yesterday i have finished something to show you!
I have saw your drawings in the blo. They are lovely, all of them.
Now i have discovered how to publicate photos and comments in the blog!


Work in Progress...

Hello girls!

I did the drawing in my book and am about to add color - but just wanted to give you guys a preview. I'm not sure whether I'm going to do a theme for this book. I did this drawing with a theme in mind, but I also like the idea of seeing what you come up with in reaction to my work.

Well, as soon as I'm finished I'll let you know!


close up

A little colour...

I worked like a bandit today on all my work. Good start to the week.
I don't think this is exactly finished, but it is almost there, the feeling is there.


actually I couldn't help myself either...

I have done more than this in fact, but, this is a little teaser for the moment.
I have decided not to have a theme either.


Some ink

So I decided that I'm against having a theme for my book— I'd rather leave the pages open to each artist's imagination, and I am hoping the artwork will flow into each other.


First pencil marks

I couldn't resist...