Finally: AnnaDenise's entry in Samantha's Moly!

I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I had started working on my entry in Samantha's book ages ago, but I when I wanted to draw in the lines with my marker, I noticed it had dried out to a point where I was afraid to mess up my entire entry. Anyways, it's done, and I'm quite happy with it. The colors on the scan are a little off, but they're the same as in my earlier entry (see here).

Samantha's book looks fantastic. The large scan really is amazing, check out the large version [here].


AnnaDenise in Laura's Moly - Round 2

Today I finished my entry in Laura's book. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, until I scanned the thing and noticed I got the girl's body all wrong and the perspective messed up. I hope my entry is not too 'empty' but I felt like today was a day of change ;-) and I'd just go ahead and try something different.