Hello ladies,

I am moving to a new place, so please do not send anything to my old address. I will give you my new mailing address if you email me personally for it.

Draw on!


My Entry in Laura's Book

Hey girls!

I finally, finally, finished my entry in Laura's book! :-) Sorry for taking so long this round. I have already sent it out to Samantha so this wouldn't take up more time.

Hope you like it Laura! Sorry if the girl kind of gives you nightmares. She turned out a lot creepier than I envisioned.
X Anna


My entry in Anna Denise's book

At long last, the ban on Blogger in Turkey has been lifted, so here is the drawing I did in Anna's book— which preceded Emma's amazing entry below. It was a minimalist kind of drawing for me, and I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it. I do hope you like it Anna Denise!


A moleskine that went on another plane.

This moleskine travelled in style this time. It was in economy. Nice.
I finally finished my houses yesterday, hi-jacked the mother-in-law's scanner, et voila!
I will be sending this one on this week to Laura, it shouldn't take too long from France to Spain.
I love our little group!



Hey girls,

I figured with the sun shining and all of nature being reborn, it was time for an update. Here's a short overview on what I know about the books.

Anna's book was finished by Samantha in February.
Emma, did you receive it yet?

Samantha's book was finished by Emma in November.
Laura, did you receive it?

Emma's book was finished by Laura in October.
I did not receive it yet. Laura, did you send it out?

I still have Laura's book and you're all allowed to send me evil hatemail because I've been hoarding it. I promise to work on it this week.

Let's keep this awesome little group going! Love you girls!
Anna Denise