A moleskine that went on another plane.

This moleskine travelled in style this time. It was in economy. Nice.
I finally finished my houses yesterday, hi-jacked the mother-in-law's scanner, et voila!
I will be sending this one on this week to Laura, it shouldn't take too long from France to Spain.
I love our little group!


benconservato said...

I've just noticed that Samantha didn't post her part of Anna's moleskine on the blog... that's ok. We know what it looks like.

Anna Denise said...

It's beautiful! So amazing!!!!!!! :-)
This exchange is so wonderful!

szaza said...

WOW! I LOVE it! You did a great job, Emma. Yeah at the time Blogger was banned in Turkey and I was unable to post my entry— but now it's back!