Video of AnnaDenise's finished book

As promised, a video of the finished book!
Love, Anna Denise

AnnaDenise's book finished

Hello ladies!

I finished my own book today with this entry. I am currently editing a little video I shot of the book which I will put up here asap of course.

The book is just stunning. I am so glad to have it so I can look at it and show everyone what amazing artists I've worked with and will work with again! Yay! Thank you all so very much. I am honored to be a part of this group!

Love, Anna Denise


Round Two

When all the Mollies are complete and the images posted, what say you ladies to changing the rotation for round two? Any thoughts? Maybe we can spice up the banner too for a fresh look?

I feel so lucky to be part of such a talented and fun group of artists. This group has gone so smoothly too, and the artwork has been outstanding. I'm really excited about continuing our project!


My finished Moly

Thank you so much Anna, Emma and Laura! I absolutely love my book. I can't believe this little Moleskine has been travelling for a little over a year and has been to six different countries.