06272008 - Moly_X 13 on video

Me working on my own Moleskine! Pictures and scan will follow soon!

Laura's Moly has done the round!

Oh Laura!
I will be sending this off for you on Monday and your Moly will be home!
I hope you like it.


So I have started my response to all your wonderful work. Of course, I have drawn a beast!
You can't yet see my Kookaburra, but he is there.


Lucky me!

I got Emma's book today from Laura, and wow— the colours are just incredible! The reds are divine. I also got Marty's amazing book from Moly-X29. Seeing both of these Mollies in person is unbelievable. I'm going to be really busy.


First rotation complete...

...Once Anna receives it!
Here's my entry in Anna's book. I wanted to carry over the red and birds from the beautiful previous entries. I was originally going to draw a city skyline below her feet on that curved artery, but decided not to at the last minute. I hope you like it, Anna— your book will be on its way home to you tomorrow.


Finished Work

Samantha's DONE!

I thought I should put it on the blog in it's finished state.
Sending it off to Anna on Monday, can't bear the idea of the post office and it's malfunctioning customer classification systems today.


Anna's book in progress

Sketching out my entry for Anna's Moleskine.

Samantha's Moly in Progress

Was I scared when I first received Samantha's Moly. So this will get a little bit more work, but I am pretty happy with it, and not so scared anymore.


Finished: Anna D's entry in Laura's Moly!

I decided to go with animals as well, since Laura started with cats and Samantha continued with birds. I don't have any pets, but I love ants! They're so smart and I study them often. So, here we go. I think the scan didn't bring out the image very well, but it's kind of hard to scan these books on my tiny little scanner :-)

So here's a picture of the entire book! Nice, eh?