Finished: Anna D's entry in Laura's Moly!

I decided to go with animals as well, since Laura started with cats and Samantha continued with birds. I don't have any pets, but I love ants! They're so smart and I study them often. So, here we go. I think the scan didn't bring out the image very well, but it's kind of hard to scan these books on my tiny little scanner :-)

So here's a picture of the entire book! Nice, eh?


szaza said...

Absolutely beautiful work, Anna!
It's stunning.

I got your moly yesterday from Laura and it's so lovely. Seeing everything in person is a very special thing.

Marty Harris said...

Just killer! I am very proud of you all. Brilliant cooperation.

benconservato said...

nice indeed!
Oh, this makes me realise I have 3 moleskines on my desk... this one is coming to me next. Ahhh!