Ready too!!

Me too!
This brand new moleskine, a fresh start after a nice holiday... ready to go!


szaza said...

Hi Emma,
I hope you had a great vacation!
What a great looking workspace you've go there!
Alright so far you, Anna and I are ready to go, and I need to hear from Nina and Laura on the status of their Moleskines.

Were you thinking of having a theme for your book?
How about you Anna?

benconservato said...

A theme, not really, but if you prefer or if it makes it more inspiring, I can, I'll think about it... possibly a good idea.

szaza said...

I noticed other people had themes, I prefer to keep it open. But that is up to the individual artist, of course.

I can't wait to see what you do!

Laura 7fetiches said...

Hallo for everyone.
Now i have recived the moleskine from Samantha, and i´m redy to go!!!
I want to know if i have to send my moleskine to Samantha, or for me is other order to post it.
I want to know too if you have thought for a theme.
I´m impatiens for begin!
And again, sorry for my english!
(For me is the first time i´m in a blog, and i still don´t know much about it.)

szaza said...

Hi Laura!
When you have finished your drawing, you would send your moleskine to me, I would then send it to Nina, Nina to Anna, Anna to Emma and Emma to you. I think we could draw on three to four pages at a time.
As for themes, I'm not going to have one, I'd like everyone to be as creative as possible with their drawings, and I think we'll get a lot of variety that way.

Don't worry about your English- you're doing just fine! :)

My best,