I have almost finished

I have been thinking about this moleskine for over a week after staring at Ann-D's bees.
I believe I have almost finished. I hope that you are all happy to continue, and to send to me in Australia as well! Show you the finished result soon.
Oh, my desk is a mess! I am just pushing everything in my way to the end at the moment, I hope it doesn't fall off before I clean it up!

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szaza said...

What a great picture!
I love seeing you working on your entry— and your desk looks perfect. Lately I've been working on my sofa, and it's covered in pens and paint tubes and pencils. There's one spot for me to sit on and the rest is insanity. I can't think of one artist that has an orderly desk. And yes, the exchange will continue whether you are in Australia or Timbuktu! :D