Pigeons for Emma

I finished my last entry in Emma's book today— I wanted to draw something playful, and was inspired by this little guy whom I fell in love with:

He's a terracotta bird from Anatolia, the Asian part of Turkey. He reminded me of one of Emma's fantastic beasts. I didn't intend to have both entries depict me running of with flying animals, but there you have it. It's something I do often :)

Please click on the image to see it larger.


Laura 7fetiches said...

I love these birds Samantha.
Very lovely.
Your work is wonderful.
I have finished my work in Emmas Molly.

Anna Denise said...

Superb Samantha!!! Love it! Great birds!!!! :-)

benconservato said...

wonderful! I can't wait to get my little book soon.

szaza said...

Thanks ladies!

Laura— do you mean Anna's book?