Look what I've got:

What do I do with this beautiful Moly? It's absolutely stunning— the colours and energy are out of this world. Once I figure out what to draw or paint, this lovely book will be on its final voyage home to Anna Denise who will complete the last pages.

Then we'll start all over again with new books.

So I'm going to eat my salted sour apple and sip some tea while I think about what to add to this beautiful piece of work. This exchange has been such an exciting and fun experience, I'm looking forward to MX13 Part II.


Anna Denise said...

Ooooh wow! I can't wait to see it and see what you did!!! Great picture.

benconservato said...

oh, I can't wait to see what you do at the end as well, I am sure, as usual, it will be beautiful!