Finished work (1, 2, 3)

I have finished my first work for molly x-13.
I´ll send it to Samantha next Monday.
I´m happy now and happy to stay in Molly-x-13.
Good travell for my Moleskine!


Anna Denise said...

First off: I put all the pictures in one entry, to keep the blog clean. I think this is what you intended to do right? If not, I'm sorry and I'll change it back

Then: WOW!!!! I love your Moleskine! It looks amazing!!!! You have a wonderful style! Can't wait to see this book in person!!!

Marty Harris said...

Very, very nice.

benconservato said...

gorgeous, have you received my moleskine yet Laura? I suspect with the 1st of May, mail might be a bit slow in Europe.

szaza said...

Oh wow! Very very cool, Laura.
I can't wait to get it!